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Genius Kids Rules

Genius Kids Rules

Admission Policies - Enrollment

Application for admission received from the Parents are checked for the eligibility and also checked for other information and documents provided along with the form an upon completion the student is admitted.

Admission Policies - Rejection

If the Application for admission do not satisfy the management, the application stands rejected and all the enclosures are returned to the parent along with the rejected application form.

Admission Policies - Remittance

Upon selection of Application I Applicant, the Parent needs to pay the applicable FEE as per the Fees Structure. The amount once paid (except security deposit) is non refundable under any circumstances, except in case of rejected applications.

Admission Policies - No Refund

The amount once paid (except security deposit) is non refundable under any circumstances, except in case of rejected applications.

Admission Policies - Discontinuance

When a child drops out of class I admission, the fees deposited by hisl her parent will not be refundable.

Admission Policies - Right To Amend Rules

The management of Genius Kids reserves the right to amend rules and regulations whenever considered necessary and appropriate. Such amendments shall be intimated to the parent.


Teaching pupil's discipline -how to conduct to themselves in the company of others and how to behave towards their fellow pupils and teachers-we believe, is as much a part of education as classroom teaching. The importance of discipline cannot be over- emphasized, but teaching children what it means has to be a joint effort: the cooperation of guardians is essential if any measure taken by the School to deal with this sensitive issue is to bear any fruit. Though from the very beginning Genius Kids has made it clear to all concerned that no pupil is to be subject to corporal or humiliating punishment of any kind, it must at the same time be born in mind that indiscipline cannot be ignored or overlooked, if corrective measure are not taken in time, indiscipline may lead to misconduct of a serious nature.
The Principal will deal with all serious cases of indiscipline and decide on the measures to be taken in such case. Guardians on their part are requested to talk their wards about the importance of maintaining discipline at all times, both the home and school. They may send in their suggestion and view, including complaints, if any, in writing, and place them in the drop box kept in the School Office for this purpose or e-mail it to
Please note that:-
  • The letter must be signed and the name of the guardian written clearly in block letters below the signature.
  • The name, class, and section of the child must also be mentioned.
  • Any such letter must be specific, and give full details or particulars.
  • All information furnished in such letter will be kept absolutely confidential.
  • The interest of the guardian's ward will be fully protected-a guardian should not have any apprehension on that account.
May we ask all guardians to remember that while each of them is anxious about the welfare of her/his child, we have to worry about all the children entrusted to our care. We need the help of all guardians so that we may discharge our enormous responsibility as best as possible.


The Parent shall not hold the GENIUS KIDS or its staff or management responsible for any accidents and or any mishap caused to child due to unforeseen circumstances or on health ground during his/her stay at the school and or during any field trips an or any exercise organized by the school.
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